Saturday, July 06, 2013

Singing in the Rain

Subtitle: I've Got a Girlfriend

Bert The Third (the third male Barn Swallow to take up residence at our float cabin) has been singing up a storm, even in the rain. How do we know he's the third? Well, for many years we had the same pair of swallows return to the nest. Last year, no one showed up until late in the season. The male was long and lanky.  This year, Bert is short and stocky with a prominent neck band and a few light spots on his wings.  Hence, he must be Bert The Third.

We've been very worried. After remodeling the nest we thought he couldn't attract a mate. The sides are high, so you can't see if a female is sitting inside.  Every time we would see Bert sing, we'd run and get the binoculars to see if anyone's inside.  No luck.

We had to leave for a short trip, so Wayne went up on the porch roof to install the pad we call the Avian Trampoline just in case.  Later that day while Bert was singing in the rain, we saw his girlfriend fly off the nest and quickly return.

Great! New we can enjoy watching the babies grow, fledge, and fly away to make nests of their own. And with the trampoline in place, unlike years past, if anyone falls from the nest they have a fighting chance to survive.

And Bert sits on the swim ladder on the front deck to warble his song of joy, rain or shine.  You go guy! -- Margy


  1. The bird has striking colors.

  2. I hope your cat is OK with all this!
    It's fun watching them nest and fledge. OUr Phoebe's nest fell just before the event. I hope they got away.

  3. Oh, Margy, he's beautiful and your photos of him are simply lovely. I look forward to reading more about this year's brood.

  4. He is so lovely and such different colours to our sparrows. Keep us updated on the babies xxx

  5. Stay tuned, babies are on the way.

    Jennifer - Stick doesn't even pay any attention. We are pretty sure he is deaf now, and they are nesting way up on the roof. But back in the day, he would have been very interested.



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