Thursday, March 19, 2020

Exploring Bellingham, Washington

Euclid Park near Lake Whatcom in Bellingham.
Wayne and I are practicing social distancing. If we cross the Canadian border to return to Powell River, self-isolation for fourteen days is required.  We don't have COVID-19 symptoms, so we are staying in Bellingham where we can still go out responsibly.

Life has changed a lot. I order groceries and supplies online from Fred Meyer and pick them up in the parking lot already bagged. We stay away from crowds, but do go out once a day for a drive, to walk or visit an uncrowded park.

Well maintained and uncrowded trails through a wooded city park.

While the Coronavirus pandemic is happening and we are staying in Bellingham, I will not be writing new posts for the Powell River Books Blog. There's lots of existing content to enjoy. Use the list in the sidebar to get caught up on your favourite topics.

We discovered a beautiful beach on Lake Whatcom at the end of a trail.

I also invite you to join me at the Margy Meanders Blog. I will be sharing some of the places Wayne and I visit here in Bellingham while using social distancing and safe health practices.

Seeing signs of new spring growth was uplifting, especially right now,

I highly recommending getting out in nature right now. Our minds and bodies need the soothing respite it offers.  What other things have you been doing to help you cope at this difficult time? - Margy