Friday, July 19, 2013

Historically Correct Cable Repairs

Back in April, I shared how our float cabin is anchored to shore with steel cables. Steel is strong, but subject to the wear and tear. The attachment point of the cable holding our transition float frayed. Wayne make a temporary fix with rope that lasted us through the final spring storms.

John is our good friend, and the builder of our cabin. He came up to make a permanent repair. He determined that the rest of the cable was in good condition. The anchor point was the weak link, probably because of movement during windy storms.

There wasn't enough slack in the cable for a new loop, so he "invented" a new system.  Taking a piece from logging history, a boom chain, he fashioned a new attachment. A section from an old chain containing the large round end was cut to length with a hand grinder. Then the chain end was attached to the eye on the granite cliff with a shackle.  Now that will never fray!

Then, the fresh cut ends of the cables were attached to the round ring on the other end of the boom chain with secure cable clamps.  

Now our transition float is securely reattached to shore, ready for anything winter storms may bring. Thanks again, John! -- Margy


  1. You live such a good life!

  2. My goodness that looks like a steep incline to go up and down on.


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