Sunday, July 14, 2013

First Narrows, Powell Lake BC

We live in Hole in the Wall on Powell Lake, BC. It's near a location known locally as First Narrows. First Narrows is about 25 minutes up the lake (depending on how powerful your boat is).

Before the dam was installed at the paper mill in town, First Narrows was a shallower constriction between the upper and lower sections of this massive glacial carved lake that still harbours ancient salt water at the bottom.

As you move into First Narrows, you can see all the way down to where the very short Powell River (reported to be the second shortest in the world) empties into the Strait of Georgia. On calm days like this one, the reflections are spectacular. -- Margy


  1. Fabulous photos - and I enjoyed the post about the salt water at the bottom of the lake - it is so amazing what nature does.

  2. How beautiful! I can imagine myself sitting on a boat in the middle of the narrows, enjoying the majesty and peace!

  3. Thanks all. This is one of my favourite fishing spots, so I get lots of shots in the late evening with lots of shadows and reflections. Just no fish. This year isn't a good one for fishing up the lake. - Margy


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