Saturday, July 27, 2013

Catch and Release

OK, I know what you're thinking ... fish, right? Well, our catch and release system extends from fishing to other critters as well.

You've read about how we annually catch Woodrats (Packrats) that invade our garden and deck pots.  In fact, we had to deal with one just last month.

You may have even read about Margy's Mouse Mechanism.

We've been pretty lucky with mice in and around the cabin, but this summer several have made their way out to my floating garden and have taken a liking to my carrot tops, beet tops, and especially my strawberry plants.

It was time to bring out our Havahart live mouse trap to the remove the little guys and give my plants a chance to mature. So far, the mouse count is up to three.  Wayne says it is hopeless, but if we can get them off the float, maybe no more will board for the rest of the growing season.  I've got my fingers crossed.

After capture, each mouse gets a short boat ride to Goat Island to join his or her brethren in a new, happy home in the food-rich forest. -- Margy


  1. Cute little buggars aren't they!

  2. Good bye mousie -have a nice vacation.

  3. It's so hard living in nature, isn't it?!
    Your gardens must seem heavenly to them!

  4. Too bad mice aren't like squirrel and can be made into'd be on your way to a feast! No, I haven't tried squirrel yet, but everyone tells me it is delicious!


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