Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Afghan Master

As far back as I can remember, Mom was an avid crocheter. She made numerous shawls, ponchos, doilies, Christmas ornaments, and afghans for family and friends.  Her beautiful afghans became donations for club raffles and PEO scholarship fund raisers.

When I was little, I have vivid memories during camping trips of Mom sitting on large granite rocks, or fallen logs, crocheting away while Daddy and I fished in a stream nearby.

Mom loved the outdoors, but wasn't a fisherperson.

In later years, crocheting was limited by arthritis. Yet she continued to make afghans. Her favourite method was crocheting squares and then sewing them together to create the final product. For entertainment, she would crochet a square before bed. That way she could savour the experience.

Wayne and I have lots of beautiful afghans to remember Mom by. And so does her (now our) kitty Stick Tail.  My favourite is on our bed. It makes our mornings colourful and bright, even on cold winter days.

I should have asked Mom to teach me how to crochet before it became too difficult. I've tried learn on my own. Stick Tail needs an afghan for one of his sleeping spots at the cabin. Fortunately, he's very forgiving about mistakes. -- Margy


  1. As long as it is comfy for him, I am sure he won't mind mistakes. I tried learning Croqueting but some of it is too tight or too loose. Nice memory of your mom.

  2. Oh, Margy, I love the photos of your mom at the cabin, and this post brings back memories of my mother, too. She did like to fish with Dad, but didn't last long, so she would knit or crochet. She gave up knitting long ago, but kept on crocheting until the end.
    When she was in a care facility in White Rock, my eldest niece was pregnant. Every time she visited "Nana" she would be greeted happily, "Oh, Jodi, you're having a baby. I must make you a blanket." So Mom would crochet in pastel colors, very pleased for a day or two, and send the baby blanket off with my sister. When Jodi arrived again, Mom would say, "Oh, Jodi, you're having a baby. I must make..." Well, Jodi and the baby ended up with six of them. It was always new news to Mom, and made her so happy. Otherwise, she gave her afghans to charities. We all have "Nana blankets" in my family.
    I'm sure Stick Tail will be pleased with having Margy blankets, mistakes or not.

  3. I still have the one my grandmother crocheted for me!

    abcw team

  4. I love the part about her crocheting a square before going to bed so she could savor the experience - great post and wonderful stories.

  5. My grandmother crocheted, and we have many of her blankets that we use. My favorites though are the shawls she crocheted, some with fringe some without...every time I wear one I think of her and remember the summers we used to spend together!

  6. Thanks all for the caring comments. Mom really loved to crochet, but never was a knitter. I finally finished Stick's blanket. Stay tuned for the results. - Margy

  7. We bought a doggie bed for Sadie cat. She is so happy.
    I cannot crochet. My daughter does, though!


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