Tuesday, July 16, 2013

THE KING is Up the Lake

Wayne and I were sitting on the deck of the Laughing Oyster Restaurant at Okeover Inlet on a warm summer day in 2001. At the table next to us we overheard people talking about a cabin on the lake. The conversation went something like this:

Guy in biker gear: Just got back from a friend's cabin.
Girl in short shorts and a shorter top: Oh?

Guy: Yea, had a great time.

Girl: Where's the cabin?

Guy: Not far from Elvis Point.

The conversation was intriguing. Maybe we should rent one of the small tin boats at the marina and take a look at this lake for ourselves. Well, if you've been reading my blog, you know that boat ride resulted in us finding the home of our dreams ... but back to the reason for this post, Elvis, better known as THE KING.

Powell Lake has acquired quite a few colourful place names: Hole in the Wall, Three Mile Bay, The Washout, The North Sea, Stump Creek, and Elvis Point. The King came to Powell Lake because of local fan. He perched on the cliff behind her cabin to croon her to sleep with strains of Love Me Tender. But in the Winter of 2007, it was more like Heartbreak Hotel. Elvis "left the building" or more specifically the cliff for parts unknown. Even though he didn't grace the rocky wall with his presence any longer, his spirit lived on.

But, That's Someone You Never Forget. When Wayne and I took a trip up to the Head of Powell Lake in August 2009, there was The King back on his cliff crooning to his beloved fan. And he's still there today. The King may have left the building, but I know where he hangs out. -- Margy


  1. Too funny. good ol Elvis. Does the lovely lady still live up in those parts?
    Good to hear from you.
    Anacortes has a lot of murals and has for ages. Have you been to Toppenish Wa? They are well know for their murals. I believe they have 74 or something like that. MB

  2. That's cute. I didn't know that Elvis now resides in your "neighbourhood" :-)

  3. MB - I don't know if she is still around. We've never met. But because Elvis is in such good shape (for a man of his age), I suspect she is still around taking care of him. - Margy

  4. You have wonderful stories!


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