Monday, July 29, 2013

One Flew the Nest

Each year we love watching the birds that arrive in spring and stay with us all summer. Two weeks ago, our Violet-green Swallows fledged. One day they were there, the next they were gone.  Kind of gives a new meaning to "empty nest syndrome."

But we still had Barn Swallows. You can hear them peep every time Mom or Dad come up to the nest at feeding time.  Here are two of the three chicks on July 17. All hungry mouths.

Here they are on July 25. Quite a difference in only eight days.

Then on July 26, look what I found. One of the chicks was sitting on the peak of the roof. Brave little guy to be first to fly.

Barn Swallows hang around for a while after they fledge. This morning, all three chicks were back in the nest, impatiently waiting for Mom and Dad to bring breakfast. Do you watch birds at your place? Isn't it great fun. -- Margy


  1. I love seeing birds here. Last summer, and the year before, we had mourning doves raising one youngster nearby, but I haven't seen them this year.
    Your barn swallows are adorable.

  2. We thoroughly enjoy watching the birds around here. We had a Carolina Finch nest under our porch, and watched mom and dad feed the little chicks every day until poof! they were gone. I have seen them since in our woods, looked like the whole family, but never near the nest again. I know exactly how you feel...empty nest indeed!

  3. Yes, we seem to have quite a lot of robins this year. Been watching their weird behaviors.

  4. My birds have gone elsewhere - I think because of the heat and the fact that I don't have big trees around my house. I was thinking of getting a bird bath but am sure they will be back in the fall. We have an overabundance of spiders right now - wish the birds would come back!

  5. I do indeed watch the birds in my neck of the woods and especially love the swallows so this was a fascinating post. Absolutely loved your photographs! I caught a parent swallow injecting an insect into the mouth of one of the "kids" lined up on a wire the other day. Will try to post it later today for Wild Bird Wednesday.

  6. I love to watch the birds and feed them in the winter. Blue tits and robins are my favourites, but your swallows are really cute xxx


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