Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inexpensive Storage

Last week you saw the completion of my new bathroom. I was so excited, I didn't know which to use first - the toilet or the tub. Well, nature took care of that decision for me. On my first night back, I used the wood stove to heat four big pots of water. What a luxurious feeling to sit back and have a hot soak.

The next thing was to put together the bargain pantry I found at Walmart. It was originally $89, but on sale for just $49. It's made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard), but it's quite sturdy. And it came in a white finish that is perfect for my new room.

While I was in town with Mom, Wayne put it together for me. You may wonder why I'm putting a pantry in the bathroom. First, in a small home you use the space you have wisely. Second, it will be the coolest room and that's the best spot to store my canning.

Up on top, Wayne has space for his model Coast Guard Cutter that has been displaced because of our kitchen remodel. I think it looks good here, giving a spot of colour against the light walls. What do you think? -- Margy


  1. Everything looks good. Love the fact that you now have an indoor loo. Self compacting is a good way to go---pun intended. LOL MB

  2. Thanks for commenting lina and MB. I just love having more storage. It makes the rest of the cabin seem larger without things tucked here and there. - Margy


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