Sunday, June 26, 2011

Kitchen Magician

John is like a magician at everything he does. I let him know what I need and he makes it happen like magic. Our kitchen storage counter and shelf are two examples. As a part of our kitchen remodel we decided to get rid of our dining table (which we never used for eating) and replace it with a storage unit (which is what we really needed).

I drew a design with the dimensions and gave it to John. A week later, Wayne and I picked it up at John's house. Under our new outdoor porch out of the rain, we got it painted with two coats of semi-gloss white to protect the surface and to blend into our existing kitchen colour scheme. The wide open area on the side was designed to stack cases of pop and other large items.

The long floating shelf under the window holds our electronic devices including cell phones and satellite radio. The tall, deep shelves hold my large canning and water heating pots. I calculated the distance between the counter top and floating shelf to hold my cookbooks. And of course, it wouldn't be our kitchen without a telescope would it? Thanks John. You've worked your magic again! -- Margy


  1. Oh, wow, Margy, every couple should have someone like John. I love this kitchen cabinet, especially the fact that John made it with good, heavy lumber. It isn't going to fall apart within Wayne's, yours, or even John's own lifetime! He's made sure of that.
    Fabulous post. I've just got to get to Powell River somehow to meet Wayne and John and Bro now that I've met you.

  2. Yes, John takes great pride in doing a job well done. It could have been stained, but to fit into our kitchen the white paint worked better. John has made a large u-shaped series of shelves for his new cabin. Can't wait to see it all finished. - Margy


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