Sunday, June 19, 2011

Growing Rhubarb

Last year year I wanted to see if I could grow rhubarb in a pot on the deck. I started with a bare root and put it in a cut-off small blue barrel. You aren't supposed to harvest any stalks the first year, but I did snitch a few for a strawberry rhubarb pie.

I wasn't sure if the roots would survive through the cold of winter with so little soil to insulate them, but I was pleased to see an even heartier plant this spring.

The stalks are longer and thicker already and the season has just begun. Of course, this year we had a mild winter so maybe it won't be the same all the time. But I am chalking this up as one of my container gardening success stories.

Do you do container gardening? What have been some of your successes? -- Margy


  1. A truly magnificent plant, puts mine to shame. Think I will take a picture of it up to the allotment and show it to my rhubarb to give it some inspiration!!!! Strawberry and rhubarb pie sounds good.

  2. Hi Fran - I know you are doing lots of things in pots too. What things have done well for you?

    Thanks lizziviggi - I wasn't sure if it would work but so far so good, and I don't have to worry about it spreading.


  3. Rhubarb is one of my greatest successes here in the Cariboo. I don't grow it in a pot, but it has taken over a huge part of the garden, with leaves and stalks long and thick and juicy. It is only two years old.

    I've never found that veggies work well for me in pots, so I'm interested in your garden, just in case one day I will be doing the same. Tomatoes do great in pots, not as much produce, but enough for us! xx

  4. Hi Marion - I've heard rhubarb can do that. Yours is probably bigger than mine, but isn't that the way in Cariboo gardens? The only problem I've had with tomatoes in pots was even watering. Especially my cherry ones would split. - Margy

  5. It's beautiful! I'll have to try it.
    Our back patio is small and the previous owners cemented over the dirt patches, so it's been container "gardening" for us...but only bushes, flowers. Keep meaning to try some tomatoes, but with such foggy summer evenings we get a lot of mildew.

  6. Margy - Now I have the allotment, most of my growing is done in raised beds. This year I have cucumber, goji berries, achocha and melons growing in pots. When the barge is finished I intend to have window boxes for tumbling tomatoes, lettuce, herbs etc things that I want to pick there and then x

  7. Anonymous12:09 PM

    i would like to say i loved growing until i worked for a berry company south of powell river on nassichuck rd
    the employer had us spray paraquat and glyphosate in t shirt and shorts day after day,,,no protective gear he said it was vinegar i hope no one elts has to go through this,,for the love of growing powell river be warned!

  8. I am sorry to hear about your bad gardening experience. One thing about growing your own food is that you know what has been used in the process, and you are in control over what you select to use. - Margy


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