Sunday, June 12, 2011

Barn Swallows Aplenty

When I got to the cabin Friday afternoon, I was surprised to see colourful newspapers taped over the windows. My first thought was that Wayne was starting to do some exterior painting. Wayne said no, it was because Barn Swallows were arriving from all quarters and looking for even the tiniest ledge for nest building.

In May, we got everything set up for our returning pair of Barn Swallows. Maybe Bert and his lovely lady told all of their friends about how hospitable we are. Whatever the case, fluttering adds are encouraging the other birds to find a different nesting location.

While nesting birds are fun to watch, it can get pretty messy underneath. Besides, the ledges the birds have to choose from are too narrow. We've had them try in the past and the poorly supported nests tend to fall, dumping their precious contents out way too soon.

Once nest building time ends, we can take down our colourful flags. But in the meantime, we have Bert and his lady to watch. She's already sitting on the nest, so we'll have some little ones to enjoy by July.

Do you have any nesting birds? How are they doing? -- Margy


  1. I remember your barn swallows. So they told all their friends and relatives, but it turned out to be faulty info. Too bad for them, and too bad for you and Wayne, having to play the evil landlord role.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  2. At the old house, some Junco's returned every year to nest under the eaves trough near my clothes line. Some times I'd be happily putting up clothes and all of a sudden a bird would fly out at me, scaring me to death! I loved hearing the tiny peeps though when the babies were born.


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