Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Premier 30" Freestanding Propane Range

During our kitchen renovation, we purchased new appliances at Rona here in Powell River. Andy was very helpful as I was making my decisions and our good friend John took care of the installation. Since we are off the grid, I needed propane appliances.

The range is a 30" Premier freestanding model. It comes in several colours, but at Rona the only choice was white on white. But that's what I wanted anyway. It brightens up the kitchen and matches my white counters. This model operates on either natural gas or propane. It's 3 inches wider than my old range, but fits fine at the end of the counter. And because it dropped into same spot as the old range, all of the propane lines were in place ready for John to hook up.

There are four burners. I cook with the front two, keeping the back ones to store my boiled lake drinking water. Each side has a small pilot for easy lighting. We had to light our old burners with a lighter. It's a habit hard to break.

I love the oven. It's 25" wide with two racks and lots of room. There are special settings for propane, but I found it still runs hotter than the dial. I keep my trusty oven thermometre inside to make sure I don't overcook it.

There's a pull-out broiler. This is also where the oven pilot is located.

We don't know how much propane the pilots will take. While we are at the cabin, we leave them running. But when we leave for a long time, the range has a master cutoff valve under the top. It's fairly easy to reach, but we'll have to be sure to light all three pilots when we return and restart the propane.

I love my (oops our) new range. One of the first things I did was can spiced apples. It was so nice to have the larger cooking surface for my canning pots. I know Wayne (he cooks dinner) and I will get lots of good use out of our new range. It was money well spent. -- Margy


  1. Wonderful, Margy. I'm glad you had room for a full-size stove. Your canning pot seems to be at home on the range.
    (Sorry, couldn't help myself.)
    I'm reading Wayne's Powell River books at bedtime, and am now dreaming about being out in the woods. Not lost or anything, although last night I did dream about seeing a bear. Not scary, though, as it was running in the opposite direction. LOL

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie’s Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. Enjoy many delightful meals made with care with your new range!

  3. Kay - Glad you are enjoying the books. Actually, I can count the bears I've seen in the woods on one hand. Wayne has seen a few more, but he goes out more often with John on the quads. Bro makes a howl when he smells a bear, so they know to start looking.

    Lorelle - I know I will love the new stove. My old one won't go to waste. John took it for his new cabin. I got it second hand in the first place, so it has had a good long life.


  4. What a treat to have a new stove. Nice you could fit a good sized one in!

  5. All lovely and shiny and very white! Shame it has to get mucky when you use it! Enjoy cooking on it xxx

  6. EG Wow - Finding a propane stove was pretty easy. Finding a propane refrigerator was a whole different story.

    Fran - It's a nice stove but not as versatile as the one you are planning on getting for the barge. Yours will do heat, hot water and cooking. Sounds like you hit the trifecta. - Margy

  7. Well, white is a very versatile color, as it can blend on almost anything and is very eye-catching. It requires a lot of cleaning though. Enjoy cooking!


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