Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Decorative Logs

A lot of people get interesting logs to improve the appearance of their yards. It's no different when your "yard" is a part of a lake.

Our yard is defined by "working logs" called a boom. These are large skookum (strong) logs linked together to cut down on wave action during storms and from passing boats.

Inside we like to have interesting logs to provide a little colour.

This spring, two new logs came to adopt us. One was quite warn and covered with moss. I like the airy holes where the roots used to be.

The other log was long and flat, with a great growing surface for future flowers. It already has a good moss covering and tall grass. Roots grow down through the wood for a constant water supply even in summer heat. This new log resembles my old "garden log" that disappeared last winter. The lake taketh, and giveth on it's own schedule.

After planting a few seeds, logs like these can become great flower gardens. Here's a stump we got several years ago.

It has been producing a garden of lupine for several years now. Doesn't that make an attractive floating flower box? By the time you read, this we will be on our way to our cabin home. Be ready for more stories of our summer adventures. -- Margy


  1. Long ago, when I still owned a cabin situated on the west coast, I grew the best tomatoes on a log. It was salt water where we were, and I was sure it wouldn't work, and the plants were not large, but produced mightily. They were so tasty!

    I'm so glad those logs adopted you two...they're beautiful!..xx

  2. Those logs are beautiful and could be considered a work of art in their own right, when you add the flowers they are amazing x

  3. How beautiful. Recycling with Mother Nature - a very neat idea!


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