Friday, July 01, 2011

Refinishing a Thrift Store Nightstand

I've written about my favourite thrift store several times. When I'm in Powell River, I stop by the Hospital Auxiliary's Economy Shop several times a week. You just never know what you will find. Last week I hit the jackpot again. Treasures big and small abound.

I was out looking for bathroom storage units and was surprised how expensive they were. As Wayne keeps telling me, this is a "cottage." Well, it's also my home. But there's still that thrifty bone in my body. And there it was, sitting in the corner next to the rack of second-hand coats, a 50's style end table with two drawers. The size was perfect for the future space between the compost toilet and bathtub under the new window. And the price was sure right, $1.00. The only thing wrong was the condition of the paint.

I stopped by Canadian Tire and bought a can of Krylon Interior/Exterior gloss spray paint for $4.99 and a sheet of sand paper for $1.00. For a grand total of about $8.00 (don't forget HST), I have a new treasure for my cabin collection. It took the whole can to cover the old white paint with the new "true blue" that matches my handmade curtains. Doesn't it look great? And think about all that great storage for the bathroom.

Have you found any thrift store treasures lately? -- Margy


  1. Lovely, Margy... Sounds like you have a wonderful life up there...

  2. The colour is fantastic and a true bargain. Well done! xxx

  3. Hi Maureen - Yes, we love it at our cabin. Are you Maureen from MVSD? If so, hi! I'll be coming south in September.

    Fran - thanks. You'll be decorating your barge soon enough.



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