Monday, June 13, 2011

Cardboard Kindling

When I got to the cabin, the second thing I found was my downstairs bedroom filled with big cardboard boxes. There were so many I could hardly get inside the door. The garden tools I won from Sunset Magazine and a new BBQ were all encased in lots of heavy cardboard.

Everything that comes up the lake must either be used or taken back down the lake. Cardboard is one thing we keep and use. Yesterday, I sat on the deck with my trusty ever-sharp kitchen knife and whittled the three big boxes down into kindling to start fires in our woodstove.

We have places to recycle cardboard in town, but this way I get an added benefit right at home. Do you recycle or re-use some common items? I'd be interested in your experiences. -- Margy


  1. Birds everywhere! I love the swallows.
    What a great time of year!

  2. Years ago, when I still had a wood stove, we rolled newspapers into wet rolls, and then used them as logs when they dried. All cardboard, as long as it didn't have plastic on it, was used just as you've used yours!

    congratulations on winning those garden tools! xx out with your trusty kitchen knife, heh!!


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