Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Float Cabin Tours: Bathroom and Guest Room

On Sunday, I shared about how our good friend John added a bathroom to our cabin and remodeled the adjacent downstairs guest bedroom. We don't have many guests, so the extra "bedroom" is a good place for our wood storage shelf, a place to keep my books and things, and a nice spot to lounge in the sun to read thanks to the new window.

Come take a video tour to see for yourself.


  1. What an idyllic setting! The remodel came out great, very practical addition with a lovely window. You might have more visitors than you think come summer :)
    PS - nicely done video - I like your voice very much

  2. Tash - Whenever I listen to my recorded voice, it doesn't sound like me. It has been fun making a video about the cabin. It would be too long all at once, so I have planned to do it in segments.



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