Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Bathroom and Porch Addition Nears Completion

Wayne returned to our float cabin home this week and has sent me some pictures. Our good friend John has completed both the exterior and interior work on our bathroom and side porch addition. You can see that the roof matches perfectly, and John inserted pitch transition flashing to prevent leaks. Now it's ready for Wayne to paint.

Inside the bathroom you can see our new Sunmar compost toilet is installed. And you can see the shelf John built for me. In addition to a place to store towels, it helps finish the end of the tub that was designed to be installed next to a wall. I can also see that John has also installed cedar moulding. He has such an eye for detail.

And our bathtub has been moved from the storage room into its proper position. Now it won't fill up with stuff like it did in the storage room. I can see Wayne has hung our towel rack, and there in the corner is the $1.00 thrift store end table I fixed up. Maybe I'll paint the new shelf to match.

Thanks John and Wayne, I can hardly wait to see (and use) it for myself. -- Margy


  1. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Wow, fantastic modernizations!!! Having to "go in the snow" will just never be the same. Keep John busy. I see a 1000-room hotel on the side of the wall coming soon. Fond visitor David Franklin.

  2. what a 'throne' room :-)

  3. Sweet! You must be pleased with the upgrade of the "facilities".

  4. It's quite the life, isn't it?! Happy trails, too.

  5. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Loved seeing your new addition to your floating cabin. I always liketo see before and after pix. Patsy

  6. Thanks everyone for commenting on my new "throne room" as Kel called it. And a special welcome to my Southern California friends David and Patsy. - Margy

  7. You will hardly recognize your cabin when you come back. The work is lovely, John is a good friend to have.


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