Saturday, December 20, 2008

Frozen Pipes

Wayne and I returned to the cabin after the first snowy day of the season. On Thursday, we went up the lake just to check things out. We returned on Friday to settle back in after three weeks away. Yes, I know it's winter (at least as of today), but we aren't used to long cold spells below zero degrees here in Powell River. In addition to the snow sticking on the ground all week, my kitchen water pump was a casualty.

The hand pump draws water up from the lake. It's a simple luxury of our float cabin life. I'm not sure what happened, but my guess is that water froze in the pipe below the pump. We left it alone for a day while the Kozi wood stove warmed the cabin. A bucket of lake water took care of our immediate needs. In early evening, we heard a sound like ice sliding down the pipe. On the second day, we poured some warm water into the pump and let it sit. After about 15 minutes we gave it a prime and up came lake water. It takes a while for the water to run clear after a long break. The pipe is PVC, but the water still discolours over time.

The pump is back working, but it won't hold its prime. The seal is either stiff from the cold, or it needs replacing. We keep a cup of water handy for now. When the tempuratures rise we'll know what needs to be done. Have you had any problems due to the unseasonably cold weather? Let us hear your stories. -- Margy


  1. Wow,
    Other than I hate the cold, we are having enough of it here in Grandview, I would love living at your cabin.

  2. Frozen pipes are a constant at our cabin. We heat the room where our well head is located, but the pipes run through the attic...and they freeze. I know I have a frozen pipe in the attic up there right now. It's the pipe that goes to the outdoor spigot. I won't worry about it until spring.

  3. Anonymous2:27 PM

    I hope you have you pipes thawed out it is not fun being with out water, but then I guess you are not really out, your cabin is sitting in it(LOL). I love your whale it is so cute and it looks so happy with it's big smile.

  4. Is the lake water ..fishy smelling or tasting?

    I'd be afraid to use any lake water from MN lakes.

  5. Hi everyone - thanks for the visit. In answer to Ice Pony Goddess's question, no, the water doesn't smell or taste fishy. The lake is very deep and has lots of water movement. It is especially clear after a heavy rain with all of the fresh water on the surface. We boil the water before drinking and only use it in cooking, hot drinks like coffee and flavoured drinks we make with powdered drink mix. We take bottled water to the cabin to use for drinking water. -- Margy

    p.s. Ice Pony Goddess, do you know Cactus Jack Splash? If not I would like to introduce you. He has a DOR (short for dope on a rope) that is a horse lover as well.

  6. Hi, I don't know Cactus Jack Splash, sounds like a character.


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