Friday, July 08, 2011

Site Supervisor

Yesterday I got to go up the lake to personally see how things are going with the construction of our bathroom and side porch addition (also see Under Construction and Up Goes the Frame).

I've had some really good help in my absence. Mr. Ducky has been acting as the site construction supervisor. His report today was that John is doing an excellent job and I'll be "flushing" and bathing in a flash.

The walls are all up except for an impromptu opening for an entrance. John doesn't want to remove the existing window and open the wall to the cabin until the last minute. Here's the view from the new window placement. Nice!

The rafters tying the new roof into the old roof are in place. The perpendicular collar ties will make it even sturdier. The new roof has a shallower pitch so there will be enough head room for Wayne and others over six feet tall. I saw Eddy at Overwaite (I still refuse to call it Save-On-Foods) and he said John has the metal roofing on order. I love living in a small town!

The interior seems nice and roomy right now with nothing inside, but I know once the compost toilet, tub and shelves get installed, it will feel a bit smaller. Probably to you, 6'X10' room doesn't sound large, but in a 20'X21' cabin it's all relative.

With the 6' width, there's still a nice walk-around left outside. I know I'm going to love this new addition in more ways than one. - Margy


  1. Looking good! It's always nice to have a throne with a view...

  2. I imagine you are quite excited about these improvements. I know I would be!

  3. This sounds exciting! Hubby spent his first 12 years or so on a working farm without hydro and water. The outhouse was key.
    He simply doesn't go camping!

    This will make your lives easier! Good work.

  4. Composting toilets make SO much sense. I don't see why we shouldn't all have to use them, although they might be a little awkward in a condo apartment.
    But I think the idea is wonderful, and I'd also like to see new houses built to recycle grey water (from sinks, tubs and showers) to use for watering lawns. A settling pond would remove the soap (so the lawn wouldn't get too slippery? LOL).
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  5. I love your blog. It looks like such a fun adventure! I told my hubby that we need to do something like this someday ;) Fun, thanks for sharing.

  6. Paul - And a throne it is. I'll need a step stool to get up there.

    EG & Jenn - Yes, we are very excited about the changes. The only down side are openings under the roof that might let the barn swallows and bats indoors. Wayne stuffed the holes with rags for now.

    Kay - I think there are lots of applications for composting toilets. I know lots of people have them up the lake these days.

    Emily - Thanks for the compliment. If you ever have a questions just let me know.



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