Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Float Cabin Tours: Kitchen Kapers

Welcome to my third installment of float cabin tours. So far you've been welcomed aboard our cabin that is built on a 40X40 foot cedar log float, and you've walked through our new bathroom and guest bedroom with a brand new window.

Today I'm taking you through our remodeled kitchen. The biggest change was new propane appliances and extra storage space.

For more information about our Unique brand propane refrigerator click here. It's a home style refrigerator, not the RV type of most propane models. Propane ranges are a bit easier to find. We chose the Premier brand carried by our local Rona store.

We love all the recent upgrades to our cabin. But if you ask Wayne, he'll say the best is the new refrigerator. Now we have plenty of room for milk by the gallon (Wayne loves milk and cookies) and freezer space for roasts on sale.

Thanks for taking the tour today. -- Margy


  1. I love "going up the lake" with you Margy. I see Wayne has written another book and this time about the cabin. Prolific writer! Your lifestyle just may inspire others to run away from our busy society too.

  2. I am enjoying these little videos of your cabin.

  3. Oh, my! How delightful! Enjoyed your cabin very much!

  4. I enjoyed watching the video. enjoy the life in the floating cabin

    New York City

  5. You are a natural at script writing & narration! Love the super cozy and very efficient kitchen.

  6. A lovely kitchen and so much in such a smallish area. I love the hand pump xxx

  7. Thanks everyone for checking out my Our World post this week and the nice comments about the kitchen video. We just love our new appliances.

    Fran - How big your your barge home kitchen going to be? I know you are going to use a multifunctional stove for heat and cooking. Wish I could afford the weight for something like that.


  8. Love the tours Margy. Such great use of small space.


We welcome your comments and questions. - Wayne and Margy