Thursday, July 07, 2011

Night Watchman

On July 9, you met our construction site supervisor. Today I would like to introduce you to our night watchman.

At least he's as black as night. Here Bro's watching over our new siding.

Bro is our good friend John's sidekick. Where John goes, so goes Bro, even during the noise of construction while John builds our new bathroom and porch addition at the cabin.

The walls are up. The siding Bro was so carefully guarding is now on the walls and almost ready to paint.

Doesn't my new blue roof blend nicely with the existing metal roof? John does such great work.

In case we may want to enclose the porch some day to make an additional room, John made that section of roof to the same standard as our bathroom's interior ceiling. Who knows - maybe.

The window that used to be in the bedroom is now in the bathroom. Since that made the bedroom so much darker, John created a new larger window for us there as well.

Construction is coming along. I sure will be happy to have a bathroom right in the cabin. When winter comes, I'll especially appreciate not having to climb those four flights of stairs to the outhouse. The comforts of modern living makes it up the lake. -- Margy


  1. Looks like Bro done good!

  2. Coming along so well, Margy — congratulations! You're going to love it, I know. And just think how an inside bathroom will increase the number of visitors you can have, letting you invite people who can't make it up four flights of stairs to the outhouse. LOL

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  3. Oh, I am so darned excited for you! I know how I would feel if we had something new at our family cabin! Bro looks like a great dog. Can't wait until our wild Chucky settles down like that...

  4. my watchdog like this Wubby is gone almost 2 years and the pain never stops..sandy

  5. I just clicked on the "stairway to heaven" pic - don't know how I missed that one! I can only imagine that trek in the dark. Glad you're going to have a bathroom "indoors" now - good for you! You will probably miss the view from the top though ;-) !

  6. Yes, the new blue roof definitely blends nicely with the existing metal roof. John did a great job, indeed. I hope he kept the natural color of the walls; its woodiness fits right into the nature of environment. I imagine me and my boys, camping and having a quiet night in the woods by the lake. It’s my dream to vacation with my family in a cabin like that. Hugh Dinatale

  7. Man, your house looks cool! Your choice of color for the roof rocks; it suits the slanting design. I also like the walls, woody for woods. How's this going by now? An update would be awesome! =)

    Nelson Mcglaughlin

  8. Nelson - The remodel was completed shortly after this post. We are enjoying our new bathroom addition, kitchen appliances, and side porch. I invite you to go the the topics list and select Float Cabin Living and Float Cabin construction for more updates. Thanks for asking. - Margy

  9. I like the color of you roof, Margy! Metal roofs are great; for me they are the best quality of roofing materials. Aside from long life span and beautiful style that match any home style, it's also fire resistant and energy efficient. =)
    Chantay Smithingell @


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