Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Westview North Harbour

Dredging and float replacement in 2011.
Powell River, British Columbia, has two city harbours. The South Harbour is for working and visiting boats. The North Harbour is for long-term moorage.  Because we leave our chuck (ocean) boat in the water ready to go, we have a slip in the North Harbour.

Ready for opening day in 2011.
We've had four boats in the North Harbour. It started with a 17' Hourston we "retired" from lake duty, followed by Halcyon Days, our first coastal cruiser. We were stricken with "two-foot-itis" and leaped into Foghorn,  a Bayliner 3058, only to discover that we preferred a smaller boat after all.

We've been fortunate to find new owners for all of our former boats. Now we have settled into a smaller coastal cruiser, a Bayliner 2452. It 's big enough to not feel cramped, but small enough to easily maneuver and anchor.

We just brought her up to Powell River from her former home in Bellingham's Squalicum Harbor.

In 2011, Powell River completed a major renovation to both the South and North Harbours. Dave is the wharfinger and helps everyone get the most out of their stay.  Come visit us if you are cruising through the Strait of Georgia towards Desolation Sound. Powell River has lots of space for visitors, and there are plenty of nearby restaurants, shops and stores to meet your every need.  Don't have a boat? Come on down for a dock walk, or take a stroll on the nearby seawalk. Here's a nice video by mtcheam. -- Margy


  1. One of these days I want to go visit Powell River to see any changes have taken place since our last visit there.

  2. Let me know if you do, it would be fun to meet. - Margy

  3. TWO harbors, no waiting...


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