Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Winch and A Log

We made it through winter with just enough firewood. That's a great feeling. Some years we do a second cut in January, but not this one.

Now we can start getting ready for next year. We save prospective logs in the water tied to our woodshed float. They get pretty waterlogged, so we decided to cut up the last one and let it start drying.

The first step is to get it out of the water. We use the winch Wayne installed to pull our tin boat out of the water. Once the log is on the dock, he can chainsaw it into chunks for drying. Later, we'll start up the log splitter and get it stacked.

Wood in the shed, is like money in the bank. You can never have too much. -- Margy


  1. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Lots of hard work. I remember when we used wood as our primary heat source, everyone in the family helped cut and stack and move the wood.

  2. It is a good feeling to get wood in the woodshed. I love the feel of wood heat - but we don't have wood heat any more and I miss it in some ways - and don't miss it in others.

  3. I estimate we have another year's worth stacked. Good feeling. My husband is an astronomer too. You must have wonderful dark skies.

  4. Lots of work to do to have heat. I remember my dad chopping wood and stacking in the shed at our summer cottage.

  5. You folks work amazingly hard! I will be stacking 3 cords in August, but we buy it.

    We're excited to be going to a wedding in Surrey. What a trip!
    I love your part of the world!

  6. It's quite the job, keeping enough wood on hand to stay warm through the winter. We ran out this year, had to do that second round...not much fun when it's below freezing out. We're beginning to stock up for next year as well.


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