Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Remodeling: Pine Paneling

It's finally done. When we got home last Thursday night, John had completed everything. It was so great to come home to a really clean home. John even used my teeny tiny Shark vacuum (it may be tiny but draws 1000 watts and requires a generator to operate) to suck up every stray particle of dust and wood shavings.

As I mentioned in my last post, I decided on pine paneling to cover our old water stained paper-covered particle board. Now instead of fake wood, I have the real deal.

We used pine paneling to cover the three main walls of the great room, our main living area and kitchen. John installed the new tongue and groove paneling strips over our existing wall covering for several reasons. One, it was easier to do. Two, it was much less messy than tearing out the old paneling. And three is the charm, it gave is more insulation to hold in heat during the winter.

John was extremely careful to cut each piece to fit against window and door frames. Junctions at corners were covered with moulding, and he hand made several to cover trouble spots.

I spray water when I use the sink's hand pump to draw water up from the lake. We found a small piece of maroon Arborite (formica) for a backsplash. John and I were lucky to get a bargain leftover in Rona's cutting area.

Spring is a great time for cleaning. This year I got so much more, a clean and new main living area and bedroom. Thanks John for all your hard work. -- Margy


  1. I bet the wood smells wonderful too.
    it all looks lovely.

  2. Hi Margy, Your new look is lovely and makes me a little nostalgic. The kitchen of our family cottage was done in tongue and groove pine. The cottage was sold and torn down last year so it gave me a smile to see how beautifully the look works in your home. Cheers!

  3. The paneling looks great. I love the blue (copper?) water pump...does it work?

  4. Hi, I live on Vanc. Is. too. It's really neat to read your blog because we are planning a little float cabin on paper this winter. I have two questions please. 1. Does your Kozi woodstove still have live coals burning by morning and is it the right size for your cabin? 2. Please tell me where you ordered your gorgeous baby-blue hand-pump for your kitchen sink ?!!!!!

  5. Hi Gumbootmama - Since I can't reply via email, I'll answer you here. If you go to my profile on the right and click on complete profile, then email you can send me a direct message. I would be glad to answer any questions you have.

    1. No, the Kozi does not have coals in the morning. Depending on how cold the night is, we usually build up the fire before bed and it will burn for about three hours or so. If Wayne gets up in the middle of the night, he adds a log if it is cold, but usually we leave it until morning to start a new fire. We have 675 square feet including the loft. The cabin is 20x21. The Kozi can even get it too hot inside when it is running on high. We like to sleep in a cool cabin, so having it go out at night isn't a problem.

    2. We bought the cabin already built. John was great about finding used items to keep costs down, and the hand pump was one of them. I don't know if they come in colors.

    If you look under float cabin construction, you will see a drawing of our cabin layout. John is an expert at building float cabins from the logs up. He continue to help us with projects like this one.



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