Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Powell River Peak

The Powell River Peak is our hometown newspaper.

Two issues are published each week, the Wednesday subscription edition and the Friday Weekend Shopper. I just love this paper.

When Wayne and I first discovered Powell River, we started subscribing and had the papers mailed to our home near Los Angeles. We would sit and read all the articles, editorials (quite feisty at times), and ads from cover to cover. I especially enjoy the commercial and classified ads. You learn so much about a town from what people are buying, selling, and announcing. Now that we live in Powell River, we get our delivery here in town, and I love our hometown paper more than ever.

The PEAK does have a free online version, but it doesn't include all of those wonderful ads. But you can subscribe to a digital version that does include everything.

The PEAK also uses social media to reach out to readers. Check out:
Do you have a small town newspaper? What are your favourite parts? -- Margy


  1. I enjoy reading thr Comox Valley Echo newspaper, love reading the Beefs and Bouquets weekly. Some comments people make are so funny, you wonder if they have a life. Some complain about the noise of the Snowbirds when they come to practice here. Strange! I love hearing it. I used to read the Peak. It is a well written paper.

  2. We took the Peak for a couple of years before moving here for reasons similar to your own. Small town independent newspapers are fast disappearing, we are lucky to still have one.

  3. We have a small newspaper, the Sylva Herald. We have to access it online because they don't deliver to where we are. Every now and then we pick it up in town. Our favorite little paper is called Mountain Express; it is all about the local flavor. I've never thought about the classifieds giving a glimpse of the community, but it makes sense. Up to now, that's been my least favorite part of the paper.


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