Tuesday, April 15, 2014

TV Times

TV stand as designed by Ed.
Wayne and I have chosen not to use satellite service for television or Internet at the cabin, but we do enjoy movies or a TV series in the evenings. We've been using Wayne's Macbook, but the screen is so small.

Sometimes we are slow on the uptake. We decided to check out small TVs. To our surprise, we found a 24" model that uses only 30 watts. Hooked to the laptop

As built by John with removable feet.
There's no permanent place for the TV near our sofa. We started with a TV tray, but John came up with a better idea with a little help from his dad Ed (such a funny guy). John took the set home to do his woodwork magic.

When we watch TV, we put the stand in front of the sofa. The removable feet give the narrow base better balance.

The stand has hooks to store our headphones. They make listening easier, especially on nights when the rain is pounding on the tin roof. The bottom has a box for storing the feet.

John permanently mounted the TV to the top of the stand for easy storage. There is a 7 3/4 inch space between the stairs and the wall.

When the feet are removed, the stand slides right behind. Later, I plan to sew a cover to protect the TV when it's in storage mode. John's talents never cease to amaze me. -- Margy


  1. This is a very creative idea and looks like it works like a charm. We don't use cable either, though we do have an antenna. We get 5 channels, FOX, FOX radar and 3 PBS stations. We don't mind, keeps us from being glued to the tube. We also watch movies sometimes...

  2. Margy ~ great shots of your hubby's creative works ~ I am so tired of gadgets and wondering how to simplify ~ great post for OWT ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  3. A great creative way to have a tv and store it out of the way.


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