Thursday, August 09, 2012

Uncle Whale Rejoins his Ducky Cousins

I've shared how we like to recycle, reuse, and repurpose at the cabin. It saves money, but also keeps things out of the trash. Yesterday, I practiced what I preach on a very small scale.

I took some kitchen scraps out to a bucket on the transition float. I keep it there while waiting to go up the hill to the compost pile. I looked down through the cracks in the deck and saw two eyes staring back up at me.

We get some interesting flotsam, but this item was securely wedged under the cedar log float. I reached down and wiggled it out through a small opening. To my surprise, it was Uncle Whale. He was a swimming pool toy similar to a rubber ducky that we tied to the transition float way back in 2002.

The bright blue stylized killer whale soon disappeared in a rough winter storm. He must have been forced under the float, where he's remained ever since desperately hoping for rescue. He faded to dull gray, but some blue acrylic paint and he's ready to rejoin his Ducky cousins. Maybe this time Uncle Whale should get a less dangerous job. -- Margy


  1. Whoa, that is amazing. I bet he is so happy you FINALLY found him.

    Bob and his family used to go wild blueberry picking on Mt. Baker years ago so last year we went looking for the elusive blueberry. We found many plants and a berry or two but not in abundance. Hit it at the wrong time I guess. MB

  2. Maybe the bears had already beat you to the bushes. - Margy


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