Friday, August 24, 2012

Corduroy Skies

As we were coming down the lake on Tuesday to pick up a reporter from the local PEAK newspaper, the clouds in the sky look just like corduroy cloth.

Wayne (my resident weather expert) said it was a form of Mackerel Sky, altocumulus clouds hinting at possible rain. On our way back up the lake, they persisted, but with a little less definition.

Altocumulus clouds range from 6,500 to 16,500 feet. They may indicate the approach of a frontal system. We got the wind and cloudy skies, but only a misting of rain. I love the summer weather, but a real rain shower right about now would be pretty nice. -- Margy


  1. Not to worry Margy, in the next few months you'll get lots of real rain showers! :D

  2. Fascinating cloud formations. We could really use a real rain as well, everything is so--o-o- dry.

  3. Yes Paul - When we are in the midst of summer we often forget all the rain to come.

    Crafty - Thanks for stopping by. Seems like it always too much of one thing, doesn't it.


  4. What an interesting sky! Must have been a fun boat ride.

  5. Beautiful clouds and what a wonderful shot of the waters parting. Happy Sky Watch!

  6. The sky and the water seem to talk to each other.

  7. I saw clouds like those yesterday. They were gorgeous like in you photos. I don't want rain just yet. I am just getting used to summer, I know it will be over soon and it will be too soon for me.

  8. We still need rain, despite a few days of it.
    Happy trails! Can you believe penultimate August weekend?????
    Cheers from Cottage Country!


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