Saturday, August 04, 2012

Eliminator Rechargeable Spotlight/Lantern

Canadian Tire has a sale this weekend (Friday through Sunday) on their MotoMaster Eliminator 2-in-1 Spotlight/Lantern. Normally costing $39.99, we got two more at only $11.99 each on sale. That's $16.01 less than the cost of one. We like them because they are rechargeable and have very bright LEDs. If you miss the sale, keep watching. They seem to run this offer several times a year.

It's called 2-in-1 because it's both a lantern and a spotlight. The lantern uses five LEDs and runs for up to 15 hours on a charge.

The spotlight uses a halogen bulb and runs for about 2 hours on a charge. It comes with both a DC cigarette lighter charger and AC plug. You can stand it on a table for a lantern, use the handle for a spotlight, or hang it from the built-in handle to light a room. It's quite versatile, and no batteries to buy. That's even more savings.

At the cabin, we use one of the lights hanging in our kitchen. After dark, it really lights up the space. That saves our cabin battery bank, especially in winter. The other I use over my shoulder on the sofa as a reading light. In the spotlight mode, it gives plenty of light and lasts for several hours of reading pleasure.

If you don't live in Canada, I found a similar spotlight/lantern made by Brinkmann listed at One review gave it a good recommendation. -- Margy


  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    good deal getting 3 for less than one!

  2. That was quite the bargain on those lamps. I wonder if they are still on sale. Could use one or two for power outages. Thanks so much for the potato instructions. And your comments on my blog. Have a good day!

  3. Stephanie - Watch the Canadian Tire flyers. I think they were on sale at least once before last fall, then a week ago. - Margy

  4. Thoise lights are a great idea, Margy. Ithink I will look them up.

    That kite shop on my blog is in LaConner but in Mount Vernon, Tri-Dee Arts has bunches of different kinds--whirlygigs too.
    I believe it is at the intersection of Division and 2nd or Cleveland.
    Good luck.

    I see your daffs are blooming in your raised beds. MB

  5. Can you just purchase the charger for the 2m series ?

    1. I don't know, you can check with Canadian Tire or look online. Our chargers have worked well for five years now. - Margy


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