Saturday, August 25, 2012

Release Your Inner Turtle

I've never seen a turtle in Powell Lake. But this summer when our good friend John brought up a large rock from the bottom of our natural swimming pool, that was my first thought. On a lark, John left the heavy rock sitting on the stump that rises from the middle of our pool during dry months.

I took out our float called Utopia, loaded up the heavy rock, and brought it over to the cabin deck. I got out my acrylic paints and started to bring out its inner turtle. Wayne was a bit skeptical when I started. He joked it looked more like Kobe Bryant's basketball shoe. So now, his name is "Kobe the Turtle."

After several coats of clear acrylic spray to seal the paint, Kobe is ready to take his place of honour on a cedar stump on our cabin's transition float to shore. Here he'll be able to bask in the sun and remind us of summer days all year long.

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  1. I love painting on rocks and just made my friend a ladybug. I love your turtle, may have to add that to my list. I enjoy the hunt for the rock of the perfect shape and size.

  2. your turtle is so cool! lovely work and placement....

  3. Thanks Crafty and joanne - In this case, the rock spoke to me rather than me having to search it out. And John got a kick out of what I did with his impromptu "present." - Margy

  4. Kobe is really rather sweet! I like the idea of him keeping look out from his perch. Have a good weekend x

  5. How creative. Hopping by from Camera Critters.

    My Critter post, come and see when you get a chance.
    Have a lovely Sunday!


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