Saturday, August 18, 2012


I've been watching Bullfrog pollywogs grow in our natural swimming pool at the cabin. When I first saw them, they had no legs. Just very large tails.

Then back legs started to grow. From little bumps, they matured into legs with webbed feet perfect for swimming faster and deeper.

About two weeks later, here's what I found. I call it a pollyfrog. All of the legs have matured and from the front it is very frog like, except still a bit pudgy.

From the back, you can see the remnants of the diminishing tail. Lungs have developed so now the young frog can emerge from the water. But he better look out, Buster the Garter Snake may be nearby, and he loves the taste of a fresh, young frog. -- Margy


  1. Nice shots.

    My Critter post, have a great weekend!

  2. What fun! We had a ton of tadpoles two years ago. They seemed to survive, as I know you've seen our Jeremiah. Yours look a little different from ours. Fun to share!

  3. What a neat series of photos, and it is so interesting to see how they evolve.

  4. Interesting post on these critters.

  5. That's interesting Margy. I see some pretty good sized frogs around here once in awhile, but I've never really paid much attention to them while they're developing. Might have to journey down to the creek and have a closer look sometime.

  6. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Great series showing the development of the bullfrog!

  7. He looks like a real character! Lovely cheeky face ! Xxx

  8. How wonderful to watch the transformation. I hope he sticks around to become "your" frog!

  9. Thanks everyone for stopping by my Camera Critter post.

    Kay - He will be be "our frog" until Buster the Garter Snake makes him "his frog."



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