Thursday, August 30, 2012

Float Cabin Living in the News

This has been quite the year for Powell River Books and our float cabin to be in the news. It started with the Travel Channel for an upcoming show Extreme Houseboats. That was followed by an excellent YouTube video about float cabin living by Kirsten Dirksen of Several sites picked it up and created news articles including Business Insider and The Blaze. Then there was the interview and article for the Huffington Post.

To cap it all off, reporter Kierra Jones of the Powell River PEAK came out to the cabin for an interview and to take some pictures. We picked Kierra up at the Shinglemill Marina for lunch with us at the cabin and an onsite interview. This week her article "Lutzs love life up the lake" was published. Were we surprised when we got our copy of the PEAK and found ourselves on the front page, both online and in print.

Thanks Kierra for sharing about our life up the lake and Wayne's Coastal BC Stories and Anomaly at Fortune Lake science fiction books. -- Margy


  1. That is impressive. I will have to read more and watch the videos, but wow.

  2. This looks such an exciting place to be.

  3. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Terie and LindyLouMac. We love it up the lake. There's no better place to get away and enjoy life. - Margy


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