Thursday, February 16, 2012

What's in a Name? Mr. Boat

Boat names that have caught my eye and shutter.

Wayne likes to name things Mr. There's Mr. Blue (the kayak), Mr. Bathtub (the dinghy), and then me, Mr. Boat. I'm Wayne and Margy's 18' Campion runabout. I get them up and down the lake in all kinds of weather. That makes me their most important boat, if you ask me.

I live up the lake at the float cabin most of the time, but my other home is in the Shinglemill marina near Powell River. My spot at the cabin is right next to the front door. Halcyon Days lives is right behind me. I know Margy explained her name means calm, peaceful and tranquil, but let me tell you it's just an act. When she gets her engines all revved up, she and get pretty rambunctious. Look what she did to me one day, took a bite right out of my butt (oops, I mean transom). Maybe she was jealous. Halcyon Days isn't the only boat in Wayne's books. Without me he couldn't get Up the Lake or Farther Up the Lake. -- Margy


  1. I bought Up The Lake the other day. I love it!

  2. That was a cute story.

  3. I've read Up the Lake and Farther Up the Lake, and I knew about Mr. Bathtub but I didn't know about Mr. Boat. Too funny.

  4. Lovely story. However, didn't sailors tradionally name boats with female names (and call them she) as it was said that the boats would look after them and keep them safe just like their mothers xxx

  5. Jenn - Hope you enjoy Up the Lake. After reading my blog all these years you should have a good feel for all the people and places. I assume it is on your Kindle. Aren't they great.

    Thanks Stephanie, it was fun to write from Mr. Boat's point of view.

    Kay and Fran - Wayne has never been one to follow tradition. He calls lots of things Mr. There was Mr. Grass in our back yard in LA (a huge ornamental grass) for example. It just extended to all our boats that didn't have names of their own.



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