Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Duck Tape to the Rescue

One thing we always have on our shelf is Duck Tape. There are knock-offs, but none work as well as the original. I never realized how many styles there were until doing this post. There's a tape for every purpose. The kind I'm most familiar with is called Standard Duck Tape. It's grey, sturdy, and has a cloth layer that makes it easy to tear.

One of my chores at the cabin is to collect floating chunks of wood for kindling. We gather them in large plastic tubs. Over time, the plastic cracks. Rather than throw the cracked ones away (save that nail), we repair them with Duck Tape. That way we can get a few more years of good work out of them. In this one, I left the hole open so water can drain out as the wet wood dries.

Here's an interesting video about how they make Duck Tape.

What are some of the things you use Duck Tape for? -- Margy


  1. We have duct tape in the house too. Can't live without it. It has so many uses for it.

  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I love me some duct tape...a woman's handiest, easiest to use repair tool. Did you ever watch the Red Green show? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Red_Green_Show
    Old Red duct tapes everything!
    I've duct taped pipe, buckets, packages, holes, broken window glass, etc. and I gave hot pink duct tape to my son for Valentine's Day...of course he looked at me quizzically and asked "what did you give this to me for"...sorry the (adult) kid has no imagination!

  3. I just used duct tape to repair a thermometer. I've also used it to patch a hole in my duck boots!

  4. My father was just like Red Green. He duct-taped everything. I always keep it around, too.
    Smart of someone to come up with the brand name "Duck Tape"!
    Smart of you to leave a hole in your bucket for the water to get out.

  5. It´s wonderful to use things as long as possibel!

  6. Duct tape is a fabulous invention. Don't they make it in colours, too?!

  7. Can't run a home without duct tape. Or duck tape, whichever I find in the store.

    I even use it on those "green" shopping bags.


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