Thursday, February 09, 2012

What's in a Name? Halcyon Days

When Wayne and I head out on a boating adventure, one of the things I like to do is read the names of boats. I thought I would share some that caught my eye and shutter.

To kick off the series is our own Halcyon Days. Soon after we arrived in Powell River, we knew we wanted a boat to explore the BC Coast.

Halcyon Days came to us already named. Among other things, halcyon means happy, carefree, joyful, tranquil, and peaceful. It's also a mythical bird said to be capable of charming wind and waves into calm.

Halcyon Days doesn't have the power to calm the seas, but she has taken us many wonderful places Up the Strait and Farther Up the Strait. -- Margy


  1. How do you know there might not have been stormy days if your boat hadn't been there? Charming the wind and waves into calm could be done ahead of time. LOL
    It's a beautiful name, too, Margy. I like it.

  2. One of my favourite phrases, and apt for a boat also!

  3. It's certainly a wonderful name for a boat and conjures up a beautiful image. Looking forward to seeing some more boat names xxxx

  4. Well Kay, I guess you have a point Kay, but what about all those nasty nights with the wind blowing and the waves slapping? Maybe she was just toying with me.

    It just came to my mind Paul, trying to figure out what people meant with some of the unusual boat names.

    Fran - I know you love boats at boating too. I can't remember, does the barge already have a name?


  5. When you bought your boat, I was entranced by the name. I, too, love the names of boats. One of ours was called My Three Sons. It was strange because at the time, we had three daughters!

    Looking forward to more names of boats you see around the area! xx

  6. I've already got a few lined up for the next couple of week. I think this topic might be endless. - Margy


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