Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Home is Where the Heart Is

Today I get to go home up the lake. It's my favourite place to be any time of the year. It may still be winter, but my thoughts are about the coming spring.

The first thing we did when we got back to Powell River was head to Canadian Tire. Lucky for Wayne, I'm an easy kind of gal. All I wanted for Valentine's Day was two bags of steer manure and a few colourful Primulas for my deck planters.

Over the next week, I'll work up the raised beds on my float garden and add the manure. That way it can rest for about six weeks before I plant my seeds in April. I've found if I plant too soon, the manure is so strong that the seeds don't sprout and mature very well.

If I get my my garden done by mid-April, there will be asparagus, strawberries, green onions, lettuce, and chard to harvest starting in June. The beets, carrots, potatoes, onion bulbs, garlic, peas, and beans will need until mid-summer before harvesting. But it will all start this week with dreams of spring and good soil preparation.

Even if I can't physically be at my cabin, my heart is always in our float home. It so inspired my husband Wayne that he wrote the Coastal BC Stories series. Read Up the Lake and Farther Up the Lake to learn more about about our unique off-the-grid lifestyle.

Do you have a place that inspires you? Maybe it's where you live, or a vacation home or destination. Maybe it's that special place to sneak away to when you want to be alone. Let us know about it and why you like it so much. -- Margy


  1. Your floating garden looks huge with no plants! I too love my home, there is something about being on the water that is so relaxing and good for the soul xxx

  2. Margy, you are a gal after my own heart...manure and working in the garden is a wonderful Saturday date for hubby and me. And if I had a wonderful lake house like yours I would want to be there often too.

    I missed reading my favorite blogs this winter, but I am back on line and really enjoying catching up on my favorites...yours is top on the list.

    Enjoy your week.


  3. Fran, it's pretty small but I can pack a lot into the 120 square feet. I've tried successive plantings in mid-summer, but there just isn't enough time to do much more than a second round of onion sets if I can find them.

    Lorie - Glad to hear from you again. I found your new blog and started following it. Sorry to hear about all the troubles with your previous one. Hope you didn't lose all the content.



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