Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Bro Goes Boating

Sometimes Wayne stays in Powell River while I'm in Bellingham with Mom. On a recent "bachelor's" week, he went boating with our good friend John and his dog Bro. Powell River is perched on a hillside rising from the Strait of Georgia, allowing many houses to have a view of the water. In front of Powell River is Harwood Island. It's part of the Sliammon First Nation reserve.

One of the reasons Wayne and John wanted to visit Harwood was because of an old winch (you can see it here) that was abandoned after the island was logged many years ago. It was a huge piece of equipment, but after getting to the long spit on the northeast side, low and behold, it was gone. That must have been some salvage operation!

From the spit on Harwood, you can see the paper mill and the town of Powell River in the distance. Even though they didn't achieve their goal, it was a nice outing on a fairly calm winter day. Besides, Bro loves an adventure as long as his can of sardines comes along. -- Margy


  1. Looking at your photos makes me miss my place in the Philippines.

    Splash from Disney World.

  2. I just love the BC coast, with all the driftwood and other interesting things (like vanishing antique winches?) and it's nice to see Bro, too.

  3. It looked like a fun day for the boys and the dog. I love driftwood as well. We have some on our balcony from our travels to Cortes Island, Powell River and in Comox.

  4. A sardine-loving, canine bro--what a great water buddy. My old dog loves to go with me on photo shoots as well. Seems like this is an area where there's always something new to explore.

  5. enjoyed the journey and the photos...always wonderful to visit here...cheers.

  6. Looks like they had a great day even though they didn't achieve their "goal."There appears to be quite a lot of driftwood there, which I would love to look through. :)

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by to comment on my Watery Wednesday. Yes, the boys did have a nice cruise.

    Kay - I knew you would enjoy seeing Bro. Boats aren't his favourite thing, but if John is there he goes.

    EG Wow - Yes most shores have storm driven piles of driftwood to paw over. The lakes are also a good source of gnarly chunks.


  8. You had some wonderful time on the waters. But make the dog wear a life jacket- just to be safe.

  9. Hi Boating - I am sure a doggy life jacket would make it safer, but Bro is an Old Salt and just doesn't like wearing one. - Margy


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