Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Toilets and Telescopes

When you're under construction, things get a bit messy. The bed in our downstairs guest room is stacked with stuff. And soon, that'll have to be moved for the new siding to go in.

We purchased our compost toilet early to make sure the new bathroom was large enough, including space to pull out the drawer to extract the completed compost. So for now, it's sitting in the kitchen (where we have the most floor space) next to Wayne's telescope.

We got our Sun-Mar Excel NE (non-electric) at Pete's Plumbing here in Powell River. Since then, I've learned there's a new distributor in town, Justin Behan. He also provides other cabin services such as cargo delivery, flotation cubes, propane tanks, and anchor rope supply. You can reach Justin at (604) 483-6527.

The non-electric version is perfect for off-the-grid living. It comes complete with a vent pipe, roof flashing and composting products. I purchased the optional 1.4 watt, 12 volt fan to help with air movement in the pipe. The fan can be operated using a solar panel or directly from the cabin's electrical system. I'm so excited about getting the toilet set up ASAP (and out of my kitchen!). -- Margy


  1. How many people can say they're excited about getting the toilet out of the kitchen?
    And I'm looking forward to seeing photos of the finished bathroom. SO glad you designed the room with the size of the toilet in mind. Some people wouldn't, I'm afraid.

    —Kay, Alberta, Canada

  2. I wonder...will you miss that long walk up those steep steps to the outhouse???? I think not..

  3. Your new toilet sounds great - it will be so nice for you on rainy days! Am glad I was reading your blog today - we have company arriving tonight and when I saw your telescope that reminded me that putting ours up would be a great project to share with our nephew - he leaves for college again in a few weeks and we want to have lots of fun with him while he visits us with my Mom.

  4. Glad to give you a good suggestion.
    Wayne has so much fun with his telescope at the cabin. He can just take it on the deck and skywatch to his heart's content. - Margy


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