Saturday, May 14, 2016

Simple Pots for Container Gardening

Cutting a barrel in half.
Because I live on a float cabin with limited space available, containers are a vital part of my gardening activity. But large pots can be very expensive.

An alternative that I use is 55-gallon plastic food grade barrels cut in half.

Two new garden pots ready to fill.
Where we live, plastic barrels are usually $25-30 CAD. And luckily for us on Powell Lake, winter often brings floating ones right to our doorstep. Blue barrels are used for extra flotation under float cabins. During storms, damaged ones pop out and float around the lake ready for repurposing.

Rhubarb in a plastic pot.

We cut the barrels in half and drill drain holes in the bottoms.

Growing potatoes in blue barrels.

Beans with a trellis in a barrel.
Using pots on the cabin deck I can easily grow things like beans, peas, potatoes, squash, garlic, rhubarb, blueberries, peppers, cucumbers, and much more.

I invite you to click on my Gardening topic link to see  more about container and float gardening.

Do you do container gardening? What are some of your successes? What kind of containers do you use? -- Margy


  1. Wow - good idea - and colorful too. I love the rhubarb in your blue "pot". I grew potatoes one year on the deck in a big black pot that I got from a lady who was selling all her garden pots - most were the kind trees came in from the nursery - but I got 10 of them for 5.00 so couldn't complain about that price. I doubt I've bought a planter from the store ever - yard sales and thrift shops are my favorite places - and shop in the winter for pots - in the summer they go fast. Happy gardening - you going to make a rhubarb pie?

    1. I love a bargain, but haven't found any pots that way - yet. - Margy

  2. Good use of the old barrels. I use all sorts of containers to grow in - storage tubs, metal tubs, big shopping bags, recycle boxes (blue boxes) and even an ald sink. My motto is, if it can hold dirt you can grow in it. :)

    1. I love the pictures of your garden and all of its whimsical decorations. - Margy

  3. You do such an amazing job!

  4. Great idea. Even though I live on 20 acres I do container gardening too. I like to do cherry tomatoes and cukes and zukes in large pots and keep them on the patio while the regular garden is out there somewhere.

    1. I like having the containers handy for picking things I use a lot, but the float garden is a lot safer from critters. - Margy


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