Wednesday, June 05, 2013

My New Kodiak 450 4X4

When I started riding a quad, I had a snazzy red two-wheel drive Honda, but I couldn't climb uphill like the "big boys" with four-wheel drive. I had to get a running start and hope I made it to the top. It was always an uncomfortable feeling.

Now I have a silver Kodiak 450 4X4 and can climb uphill a lot better.

When Wayne and I follow our good friend John on the logging roads and trails around Powell River, he will raise his arm and extend four fingers to let us know it's time to shift into four-wheel drive for an uphill leg. This illustration entitled "Four" from Up the Main was drawn by John's father, Ed.

I love my Yamaha 4X4 Kodiak 450 (now called the Grizzly 450). I got mine at Quality Parts in Powell River. Shopping local is important. It supports local businesses, and it's good for the customer, especially in a remote locations like ours. If I purchased a model that didn't have a local dealer, I would have to travel on a ferry (or two) to get warranty service and maintenance. That's not easy or convenient. -- Margy


  1. Such adventures you have. What a great sketch too.

  2. (pant, pant) Excuse me, let me rest a bit...


  3. Thanks for the wonderful ride uphill! Good choice!
    Wil, ABCW Team.

  4. That sounds like so much fun! Because of my bad back, I'm limited in my walking - I have to find flat areas and not go too long. But if I had one of those machines...well, I'd be right behind you, Margy!

    abcw team


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