Monday, June 24, 2013


I've been taking classes at Whatcom Community College when I'm in Bellingham. Last week there was a free gardening class by Debra Olberg, an experienced gardener who works for nurseries, and has a company called Secret Garden Designs.

I learned lots, and have already put one thing into practice.

Slugs are a big problem in my float garden. I don't know how they arrived, but they are there to stay. Because my garden drains into the lake, I don't want to use poison.

Debra's suggestion was to use a plastic tub to contain the poison. Then it could be disposed of (along with any deceased slugs) in the trash.

That sounded like something that would be good for my garden.

Here's my version. I used a plastic Cool Whip tub. I cut four small doors at the bottom.

I've read that slugs don't like to crawl over rough surfaces, so I covered the bottom with duct tape to make it smoother.

I didn't want to advertise for Cool Whip in my garden, so I got out my acrylic paints to make a quick change.  A blue background gave me a canvas for my own label.

In the garden, I added some slug poison and a sprinkle of water to moisten it.

I capped the slug trap and put it next to my lettuce, one of their favourite munchies.

How do you like my Slugotel? Slugs check in, but they don't check out. I'll let you know how it works.

Do you have any tricks to get rid of slugs? I'd love to add them to my arsenal. -- Margy


  1. Awesome idea, I'll have to see if it helps my hostas. Thanks, Margy and Debra!

  2. I salt my Mom's walk so they don't climb the steps to her hanging plants (they really go anywhere, not so sure about the rough thing) but I wouldn't want to put it directly in my soil. Let us know if it works.

  3. I've heard that slugs like beer - some people put stale beer in their traps and the slugs drown. That way wildlife won't be harmed if they happen to eat the poison pellets - or if they eat a poisoned slug.

  4. I keep my cat's small tins washed out, dig a hole in the pot of soil by the plant and fill with cheap beer. This way the tin lip is level with the soil, so all they have to do is crawl in and drown.

  5. Sounds like a good idea. BTW: the beer idea works real well. MB


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