Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bilge Pump Troubleshooting

I have a terrible knack for finding things that need fixing around the dabin. Well, it's not so terrible, but it always makes more work for Wayne.  This trip I noticed that Wayne's Writer's Retreat boat called Gemini was riding low in the water. I stepped aboard and saw that the bilge was full from recent rains. Not a good for a boat!

Wayne determined that the automatic bilge pump wasn't working.  It runs off the solar powered battery bank stored in the rear of the boat.  It's primary function is to supply our cabin with electricity. The little pump is never a drain, even on dark winter days.

Troubleshooting led Wayne to a blown fuse in the wiring between the pump and the battery posts. We fumbled a bit finding out whether it was the float switch or the pump causing the problem, but in just a little time Wayne had water flowing and Gemini popped back up where she belonged.  I bet she felt a whole lot better after taking a long deserved leak. -- Margy


  1. Glad you got it fixed.

  2. nice that it was a fairly simple fix.

  3. Little jobs keep him out of mischief though!!!! Glad you got it fixed xxxx

  4. Too funny, Margy. "a long deserved leak" haha!! MB


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