Friday, June 14, 2013

Unsettled Spring Weather

Our warm sunny spring weather has been interspersed with clouds and showers for the last week.

 On a recent trip to Seattle, the clouds had swirls and twists.

Embedded lenticular clouds are a pilot's nemesis. They are caused by air passing over mountains, creating turbulent waves. They are a sure sign of bumpy conditions. Taking pictures from the ground is much more pleasant (and safer). -- Margy


  1. I was really hoping for a bit better weather this week as it seems whenever any of the kids come to visit the weather turns bad. Oh well, we didn't allow it to prevent us from having a good time. Bring on the sunshine!

  2. The cloud photos are wonderful. How was traffic going down to Seattle and back? They say the new temporary bridge should be in place by the middle of next week.

  3. Didn't realize lenticular clouds were a sign of turbulence. Cool post!

  4. Gorgeous looking sky pics!


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