Sunday, June 16, 2013

Margy, Margy, how does your garden grow?

With peas,

and beans,

and strawberries and lettuce all in a row.

That is if Ms. Woodrat hasn't mowed everything down by now.

Wayne and I will be home in our float cabin this week, away from the Internet. When I get back to town I'll let you know how things are going. - Margy


  1. Enjoy your home! Love it when I plant from seed. When you think it will never start growing and then suddenly you see little specks of green coming up.

  2. Oh, I hope your garden is safe. Ms. Woodrat doesn't sound like a lovable neighbor.
    Your pictures are picture-perfect! Love the bunny.

  3. I suppose that you don't have the problem of slugs eating everything like we do here. They may like damp conditions but I'm not sure about a lake! Enjoy your time at the cabin xxx

  4. I hope Mr. Woodrat leaves you somthing in the garden - it looks great so far.

  5. I think we spend more time trying to keep critters out, and weeding things that don't belong! Truly.
    But I love doing it!

  6. What a nice garden! Wow, I am late with mine..

  7. Much better than ours!


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