Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jack of All Trades

His name may be John, but he's a Jack of All Trades. People who grow up here in Coastal BC are a self-sufficient sort. Isolation is one factor, independence is another.

John learned to build float cabins by following traditional methods, seeking his father's advice, taking shop classes in high school, and building forts and mini-cabins as a kid with his brothers.

John built our cabin in Hole in the Wall from the waterline up. He got a cedar log float from a logging company, took it apart and rebuilt it better, stronger, not faster, but longer lasting. Sounds a bit like the creation of the bionic man doesn't it.

John called ours Cabin #3 because it was his third. He's currently finishing Cabin #5.

John continues to use his Jack of All Trades skills to help us maintain and upgrade our cabin home.  As you can see, he's quite versatile:

These are just some of the major projects over the last twelve years. He also keeps an eye on our place when we are out of town, making sure wind storms haven't caused damage. With our cityfolk background we will always need a guy like John with Jack of All Trades skills. -- Margy


  1. A jack of all trades is a very useful person to know. I know because I live with a Pete of all trades!!! Xxx

  2. Everyone should have a close friend who is a Jack of all Trades...I'm Jealous:) He does great work!

  3. Anonymous10:52 AM

    I enjoy reading your books and meeting John that way.


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