Friday, March 15, 2013

Company's Coming

Neither rain, nor snow, nor hail, nor cloud keep John from his appointed rounds (so to speak). The only thing that keeps him down the lake and in town are high winds. 

Our cabin is in a protected area called Hole in the Wall. Neighboring First Narrows seems to generate its own weather system and scuttering clouds.  But to the south is a section of Powell Lake that John "lovingly" refers to as the North Sea. Can you guess why?

If the winds aren't building three foot waves on the southern part of the lake, we can expect company if there's a job to be done.

John's a good friend who we can always count on.

Today is Sky Watch Friday. Go to the Sky Watch Friday website and you'll see sky photos from all over the world! -- Margy


  1. We really do live on the North Sea and it is our playground, but I have to admit it is not as spectacular as your North Sea xxx

  2. What a wonderful place to live!

  3. You have a good friend in John.
    Cheers from Cottage Country!

  4. There's nothing better than good friends who are willing to help:) Spending time in your hole in the wall seems like it would be magical, work or no work!

    You asked about our critter cam on my blog, I did respond there, but wanted to contact you directly...we are using the Bushnell 8MP cam with night vision. We like it so much, we bought a second one for our river place. The pictures are great and the batteries seem to last for a very long time...and we use it a lot! If I had been smart I would have posted a link to it on my blog...maybe I'll do that today:) You can get it from Amazon. Hope this helps, let me know if you have more questions.

  5. Thanks Stephanie. I love to make short videos about cabin life.

    Jennifer - John is a wonderful guy, but I don't think I will call him a "Peach" to his face. That might not go over too well.

    Fran - The North Sea might be your playground, but doesn't it get pretty rough out there?

    Lise - Thanks for the info on your critter camera.



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