Friday, March 22, 2013

Up the Lake

There's nothing like heading home after a hectic day in town.  We can travel in rain or shine, but shine is always more appealing to the eye.

This morning we got back just at "sunrise." Because we're in the shadow of Goat Island, that doesn't happen until after 9:00 this time of year.

Wayne has written two exciting books highlighting our off-the-grid lifestyle in Coastal BC. Up the Lake introduces you to cabin life. Farther Up the Lake includes more stories about our region.  Both are available in Kindle, e-book and print formats. -- Margy


  1. Marty - I am so excited, I have just found you and Wayne on YouTube. It was lovely to put a face and a voice to my lovely Canadian friend. Pete has also watched it and is now green with envy about your location. It was also great to see your cabin in the flesh so to speak. I am now going back to watch it again. Have a good weekend xxxx

  2. That was supposed to say Margy - I can't spell in my excitement! Xxx


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