Friday, March 08, 2013

Boating on the Bay

Boating at sunset on Bellingham Bay is always a beautiful experience.  We just went out for a quick spin and saw a gorgeous sunset.

It was a good thing we didn't plan to go far, or stay out too long.

Just after we returned to the dock it started to rain, and then the hail followed.  That must have been the cause of the interesting cloud colours and formations over Lummi Island. -- Margy


  1. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Amazing cloud and sunset photos. Glad you didn't get caught in the hail.

  2. Wow! Amazing shots!

  3. Gorgeous shots over the water. And I love the sun breaking through.

  4. I love the rays of the sun streaming through the clouds.
    An Arkies Musings

  5. Those clouds may have led to rain but you are right, they are really interesting! Nice shots:)

  6. Crepuscular clouds! I learned that from a young photographer!
    Very cool.

  7. Thanks everyone for stopping by to comment on my Skywatch Friday post. May your skies this week be sunny and bright. - Margy


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