Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Woodstove Cooking: Imperial Stove Thermometer

I purchased an Imperial Magnetic Stove Thermometer at Valley Building Supplies in Powell River.  This magnetic thermometer is designed to show safe operating temperatures to avoid creosote formation and overheating. During normal operations, I put in on the stovepipe to monitor the exhaust temperature.

When we're using our woodstove thermoelectric generator, I put the Imperial thermometer on the side. The generator modules have an operational temperature range from about 250 to 325 degrees Celsius  (482 to 617 degrees Fahrenheit).

A fire that's too low won't generate electricity.  One that's too hot will damage the power modules.  Our generator, cooled with lake water, produces a trickle charge for our cabin batteries during winter months when the solar panels aren't very productive.

It also works as an oven thermometer or to check the metal stovetop surface for cooking temperatures. It has a handy wire handle to lift it in and out of the cast iron dutch oven I use for baking on top of my woodstove. I was surprised to learn that the interior temperature gets up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Based on my cooking times I would have guessed less. For $14.95 (CAD) I thought this multi-purpose Imperial thermometer was a good value. -- Margy


  1. Gotta love those multiple use gadgets.


    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  2. I IMAGINE it keeps you warm!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. My sonin-law would love to visit! He loves technology!
    I love sharing your life on the coast, on the water.
    More snow last night. sigh.
    And the deer are eating my magnolia. I need to rig up a fence of some sort. It is wrapped in wire, and I added burlap. I'm looking at an iron enclosure!
    Cheers from Cottage Country!

  4. Very interesting, - I have a son and DIL who live off the grid in the Caribou, - I wonder if they know of this admirable gadget....

  5. Anonymous5:40 AM

    That is a neat thermometer to have with multiple uses.

  6. We have the same thermometer! We use it to see how hot the wood stove top is for cooking purposes. I've never seen a thermoelectric generator before, such an efficient way to generate power! You really have an awesome set up there in your cabin!

  7. Thanks everyone for visiting my ABC Wednesday post this week.

    Jenn - While we've had rain on and off, no snow in the lowlands for quite some time. You are just getting hammered this year.

    Lise - It's such a useful thermometer. I have even used it in my propane oven to make sure the temperature is what the outside dial is set to.



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